Andrew Adams

Artist Reception July 14th

Yakima Maker Space Gallery is happy to present Local photographer Andrew Adams. Andrew began in photography as a teen working with film, later transitioning to digital. He creates a variety of works with a pseudo-minimalist approach shaping light with materials found in the environment. With these carefully crafted works he attempts to bridge his original vision with the final image through the creative process.

Please join us July 14th for the Artist Reception; doors open at 6:00 p.m. Artist talk at 7 p.m. shut by 9 p.m. Libations and eats with be available.

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Monika Lemmon

Opening Reception August 3rd


Monika Lemmon is as artist from Selah, WA. She received her BFA in Metalsmithing from Central Washington University and her MFA in Studio Art from the University of Idaho. Currently she resides in Denver, CO and instructs Drawing at Metropolitan State University. Her creative background consists of a wide variety of media and she is currently exploring the human anatomy and landscape in both two and three-dimensional disciplines. Most of her work alludes to her interest in causality, perception of lived experience, and fascination with the natural world.

Artist Statement:

The physical body is our vehicle for lived experience. This vessel materially binds us to the natural world and the causal chain that determines our virtue and depravity. I emphasize the complex nature of our connected existence through intricate deconstruction of the human form. By dissolving the figure into visceral remnants and merging these with matrixes of natural and artificial constructions, I suggest the vulnerable and subjugated reality of life as a material being.

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Thomas Botkin & Leanne Ries

Artists Reception Sep. 6th 2018


As a father, sculptor, designer, educator, and part time substitute teacher, Thomas Botkin has and will always be a collector of objects. three dimensional, emotional, conceptual, and psychological.  Recently, this last December, Thomas installed the exhibition; ICONS, which was a visual inquiry of water in Central Washington. ICONS was a return to public installations after an intense period of parenting.  The objects of this exhibition are markers, artifacts, detritus, and overall, insights to an engrossing period of a fathers life.

LeAnne Ries' poetry has invariably rung true for Thomas so after meeting and reviewing each other’s recent work these artists and dear friends decided that a collective exhibition would commemorate and illustrate their familial experience. 


LeAnne has long loved words for their shape and sounds, their imagery and power. LeAnne’s poetry was recently included in WA 129, Poems Selected by Tod Marshall, State Poet Laureate, 2016-2018. LeAnne is the author of The Calling and more recently, At Sea.  The Calling traces the author’s return home to Yakima and family, while At Sea unmoors from its geographic foundations and sets sail for the turbulent unmapped waters of self-searching and discovery.

Tom Botkin and LeAnneRies have been family friends for over a decade. They met when their children were small. There were afternoon coffees to discuss the challenges and joys of parenthood, toy storage, art projects, music lessons, and books and generally, how to maneuver through the kid years. It seemed for a very long time, the children were small.

When their kids were teenagers, life sped up and their friendship moved to a back burner. Recently, they caught up to one another and both were astounded those early years had passed, leaving memories, probably fragmented and imperfect. Here, they decided to create an installation – Tom with his art and LeAnne with her words – to commemorate the remains of time we hold onto as we age.

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Debbie Sundlee & Jan Crocker

Artists Reception Oct. 13th 2018

The Yakima Maker Space Gallery is proud to host Debbie Sundlee and Jan Crocker in our for what is surely going to be a wonderful show. More information coming soon. 


Central Washington Makers Showcase

Open Call for entries - Deadline  Oct.1st 2018

The Yakima Maker Space Gallery is Hosting a Central Washington Makers Showcase for November, just in time for the gifting season. All makers are encouraged to submit their handmade items for display and sale. It is free to submit work and all items will be consideration. Selected Makers will be proudly displayed for the entire month of November with a public maker reception scheduled the National Shop Small Business Day - Saturday, Nov. 24th 2018.

April marked two years that YMS Gallery has been hosting art exhibitions in our 800 sq. ft. high ceiling exhibition space, located in the heart of downtown Yakima, adjacent to our 5000 sq. ft. makerspace. November will be wonderful opportunity for local makers to present their artisanal creations to the public for display and sale.  

How to Apply: Please submit: A brief Maker Bio & Statement about the work (500 words or less), with a sample image(s) of the item(s) you would like to showcase. You should title your filename(s); with your first initial and last name followed by a number. (example: If Marcel Duchamp wished to display one of his ReadyMades he would title the image as such;  mduchamp_01.jpg, mduchamp_02.jpg, etc.) Please provide size and a brief description of Image(s) and any special presentation needs ( i.e. power, water, etc.) . Sample(s) should not excised 1920 X 1920 pixels and be submitted in .png or .jpg format. All submissions must represent the actual artwork as closely as possible.

Submit your work for consideration today

Please Submit by email to: heath@yakimamakerspace.org

Subject: Maker Showcase


To be announced


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