new boat build starts july 11!

We will be starting up a new boat build on Monday evenings, beginning July 11th!!! In response to interest expressed over the past several months, we will be focusing this build on cedar strip canoes and sea kayaks.  Space is extremely limited, so reserve your spot with a deposit today!  Click on the link in the Upcoming Events Box to start your registration.

The canoes are built of the designs for the 17' Nomad by Bear Mountain Boats.  It is a tripping canoe, suitable for taking paddlers and gear out on adventures, stable enough to cast from, light enough to carry!  No woodworking experience is necessary.  Builders will work with the instructor to mill up the strips from cedar planks, assemble their build stations, steam bend and laminate stems, apply strips to their boats to form the hull.  You will learn how to use fiberglass and epoxy resin to seal and strengthen your boat, and you will complete your boat with wood trim, including gunnels, thwarts, seats, and a carrying yoke (paddles NOT included).

Canoe Build Cost:  $1450 (includes 6-month membership for up to 2 builders/boat).

Space is extremely limited!  A $250 non-refundable deposit will reserve your spot.  Balance due by July 11.

We are offering two kayak designs this session!  The first is a 17' Shearwater based upon plans from Chesapeake Light Craft.  It is a high-volume touring kayak perfectly suited to Northwest coastal waters.  We use the stitch-and-glue method of construction, transforming thin sheets of marine-grade plywood into a sporty and lightweight hull.  Fiberglass and epoxy seal and strengthen the kayak, and a careful builder can finish utilize a "bright" finish on the boat to show off the wood grain of the okoume plywood.  We encourage builders to customize the look of their boat, using inlay and/or overlay techniques to create personalized designs on their craft.  The build cost includes hardware for outfitting the kayak (paddles and spray skirts are NOT included).

Cost: $1150 (includes 6-month membership for up to 2 builders/boat) 

There are a limited number of spaces available, a $250 non-refundable deposit will hold your spot.  Balance due by July 11.

We are also offering a new design this year, a 14'6" Shearwater Sport hull with hybrid construction.  That means that the top deck is formed using cedar strips, much like is done to shape our canoe hulls.  This allows the builder to create a beautiful custom top deck, creating a totally unique kayak!  The Shearwater Sport offers the perfect compromise of light weight, sharp West Greenland handling, effortless cruising speed, and an extra-large cockpit for comfort.  The shorter length means easier construction, storage, and cartopping.  It might just be the One Kayak that does almost everything well.  Watertight bulkheads and flush-mounted deck hatches are standard, so many builders will camp out of the boat.  Spray skirt and paddle are NOT included with this build.

Cost: $1250 (includes 6-month membership for up to 2 builders/boat)

Space is extremely limited, a $250 non-refundable deposit will reserve your spot.  Balance due by July 11.


How long will it take to build my boat?

Our class will run from July 11th until Dec. 19th.  That provides 23 weeks for you to complete your build!  We will be working along on a schedule that will allow you plenty of time to finish during that time.  Builders who apply themselves over additional hours can finish their boats much sooner.  

I've never worked with wood, or fiberglass, or anything like that before?  Will that be a problem?

Not at all!  We will help walk you through every step so that you can build your boat with confidence.  You will also be working along other builders, learning together.

What kinds of tools will I need for this kind of project?

The Maker Space has all of the tools necessary to take on this task!  There are a few personal tools and pieces of equipment that you will be asked to supply for yourself (including a personal dust mask/respirator).  Additional supplies are few and are generally inexpensive.  In our past builds, we have found that some builders enjoy acquiring some of the most-used hand tools for themselves.  And, of course, if you have some tools of your own, you are welcome to bring them down to use on your build.

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