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Debbie Sundlee & Jan Crocker

The Yakima Maker Space Gallery is proud to host Debbie Sundlee and Jan Crocker in our gallery for what is surely going to be a wonderful art showcase and reception.

Central Washington is filled with warmth, rich earth colors, dramatic texture, and enormous skies. These become the musings for Debbie Sundlee’s amazing ceramics, along with Jan Crocker's ability to harness the creative chaos endemic with using fire as part of their art form, these works truly astonish. Please join us in celebrating these wonderful artists at their opening reception Oct. 13th 2018 - Doors at 6:00 pm - Shut by 9:00 pm

Show runs through Nov. 22nd with public gallery hours every Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm

Debbie Sundlee - Artist’s Statement

Central Washington is filled with warm, rich earth colors, dramatic texture, open space and enormous skies.  I take my cues from its diverse landscape of basalt rock, rich soil, mountains, forests, and water. My sculptural ceramic pieces are both practical in the sense of being classically proportioned containers, and surfaces on which I “paint”.  Smoke firing techniques are used to create strong, but controlled, colors spontaneously. The serendipitous lick of flame and smoke from natural burning materials creates unique flashes on the surface of the clay. On some, I create painted images with natural colored clays and oxides contrasting dark and light values.  The geometric patterning is created through “resist” techniques that keep the smoke from adhering to the clay. An ancient fermentation recipe called “obvara” from Eastern Europe is used to create a unique surface resulting from the combination of heat and yeast. The “basket” forms reflect the original collecting containers woven from sweet grass and cedar bark favored by native Pacific Northwest women.  Each piece is an individual creation with multiple firings - unrepeatable, unique and always surprising. The results are earthy, harmonious and speak of a place much loved as “home”.

Jan Crocker - Artist Statement

In the late 70’s in California a friend and I built a potters wheel from a kit and began potting.  We had such fun that when my husband and I moved to Yakima in the 80’s I brought the wheel along.  I started a refresher course at the community college and one day, while looking through our instructor’s collection of books, I came across one by Jane Perryman called Smoke Fired Pottery. I immediately fell in love with these beautiful pots and have been using these non-glaze firing methods ever since.  There are numerous ways to achieve these results and I’ve tried and experimented with all I can.

New ideas and challenges are always cropping up.  Sometimes I have spectacular results and of course others are not so good.  One always learns from whatever happens.  The lovely earthy tones and colors one can achieve are truly inspiring to me.  So I continue on loving every part of the process…. mistakes and all.

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