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The View From Here

If one were to observe Jen Borst’s career over the last decade, it would seem that she has found more than 24 hours in the day: in addition to participation in many multi-artist shows across Washington State, “The View From Here” is Borst’s seventh solo exhibition as a painter, the shutter counter on her camera indicates that Jen takes about 30,000 photos a year in her life as a professional portrait photographer, somehow finding time for both visual mediums, while simultaneously gaining the attention of national press outlets for her work as a songwriter and vocalist in a folk group that plays more than 100 shows annually. This work ethic has allowed her to carve a meaningful place for herself in all three disciplines.

“The View From Here,” is a collision of those artistic pursuits.
Artist statement: “I’ve been incredibly fortunate to be able to see much of the U.S. in the last two years, mostly from a moving vehicle, but the enormity and beauty of the landscapes are staggering and inspiring, even at 70 MPH. Most of the the works in this show are of places I’ve been in the last year, and photographed from the van (or rental car). On my travels, I was first drawn to the elements that are consistent across many places, and later found myself becoming more fixated on the lines and textures that are absolutely unique to each. Looking back through the photos, I am absolutely amazed at the seemingly infinite variation to the way the land presents itself.

The balance between the consistent and the unique features in the landscapes continues to be interesting and challenging to both photograph and paint, but I realized that balance is really what makes an impression on me when visiting a place for the the first time. The consistent elements give a certain comfort - the great feeling of being “at home” while far from it,” and the new elements - the jagged peaks, the stark colors, the haze that fine sand casts over the sun - they wake up your senses. And when you realize that you are seeing something you’ve never seen before and may never see again, the view becomes exceptionally vibrant.”


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